Remember the Time…We Had Our School Picture Taken?

Say Cheese!

It’s time to put your pride aside and pull out those old school yearbook photos. We all have them. No one is immune. It’s the great equalizer.

This week for the Remember the Time Blog Hop, Emily and I want to hear your stories about the epic fail that is the school yearbook picture. Continue reading “Remember the Time…We Had Our School Picture Taken?”

A Lesson In Carpooling

There are many awkward situations one will face throughout the emotionally unstable, pimple-laden journey that is growing up. One of those situations is most likely carpooling. It is a forced togetherness based solely upon proximity and convenience, nothing more. In my case, I was stuck riding to school with various families throughout elementary school, none of whom were friends or even kids in my grade. But most of the Continue reading “A Lesson In Carpooling”

I Am Now In Charge of All Things Retro

Anyone who knows me well is aware I am drawn to most things retro. “Saved By the Bell enthusiast. Check. Fan of a boy band from a bygone generation. Check. An aversion to all gaming systems that aren’t the original Nintendo. Check. Clothes in my closet from not only college, but high school…that I still wear. Check. Being someone who lived during the “olden times,” Continue reading “I Am Now In Charge of All Things Retro”

How MTV Led Me to Tulsa, Oklahoma

I was one of those savagely underprivileged children who did not have cable growing up. Thankfully, I had grandparents who did, and it was at their house where I would gorge myself on Nickelodeon shows likeMr. Wizard” and “You Can’t Do That On Television” to hold me over until my next visit. And, like any good red-blooded preteen of the time, I wanted my MTV.

mtvIn the mid-80’s, MTV was a fantastic bizarre of sequins, neon, hairspray, androgyny, and synthesizers. I didn’t care that Boy George Continue reading “How MTV Led Me to Tulsa, Oklahoma”

Radio Roulette

rouletteWhen I was growing up, listening to the radio in the car with my dad followed one rule: his car, his choice. But I never knew where exactly that choice was going to land as a cacophony of song snippets whirled in and out of my ears. My dad worked the car radio (and the television, for that matter) like a roulette wheel Continue reading “Radio Roulette”

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Punked Nine-Year-Old at a Slumber Party

laverne and shirley and squiggy and lenny
Sure you can join our cool little blog hop. But be cool, okay? Squiggy, stop ogling Laverne’s Freshly Pressed badge. Geez.

A really fun idea was recently hatched by two of my favorite bloggers, Emily of The Waiting and Ashley of Zebra Garden. They are kind of like the Laverne and Shirley of my blog world, making me kind of like the Squiggy who always comes late to the blogging party. Or maybe I’m Lenny. Anyway…Emily and Ashley have started their own version of “Throwback Thursday” called “Remember the Time: A Blog Hop.” Each week they designate a topic about which bloggers can Continue reading “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Punked Nine-Year-Old at a Slumber Party”