Let’s All Go On a Blog Crawl!

It’s like a bar crawl, only better. You don’t need to get a sitter. You don’t need to tip a bartender. You can do it in your pajamas. And you won’t end up becoming best friends with the porcelain throne afterwards. At least, you shouldn’t.

It’s the ABSOLUTE MAYHEM BLOG CRAWL!!!Absolute Mayhem by Kelly Suellentrop

Guys, I am beyond excited to have a superstar lineup of bloggers helping me to spread the word about Absolute Mayhem this week. Starting today and going through Saturday, you can hop yourselves on over to a new blog to not only read their thoughts on the book, but also enter to win a FREE COPY! That means there are six copies of Absolute Mayhem up for grabs this week. You know you like free books, especially when there are these giant gift-giving occasions literally around the corner. Continue reading “Let’s All Go On a Blog Crawl!”

Remember the Time We Ran Out of Memories?

My daughter thinks I am very old. I know this because she tells me all.the.time.

However, I am only thirty-six. And I feel like I am running out of memories about which to write. Or maybe I really AM getting old and just can’t remember them anymore.out_of_memory

Either way, that spells disaster for the weekly Remember the Time Blog Hop that Emily of The Waiting and I have been co-hosting for months now. Luckily, we have formed a disaster preparedness task force team (which is basically me and Em chatting over Skype while she simultaneously tries to keep her daughter from Continue reading “Remember the Time We Ran Out of Memories?”

“That” Pitcher

This week for the Remember the Time Blog Hop we are talking about our first day of school. Any grade or stage will do. AND I have a guest co-host this week, Rob from Growing Up On Prytania. Rob’s blog is a perfect fit for the blog hop, as he has a very distinct “Wonder Years” feel to all of his writing. In fact, I can practically hear Daniel Stern narrating his posts as a grown-up Kevin Arnold. So please make sure to visit Rob’s blog here, and give him an RTT high-five!

After reading Rob’s blog, head over to see my usual partner-in-crime, Continue reading ““That” Pitcher”

I Remember Where I Was When…

I hope you’re feeling nostalgic, because the Remember the Time Blog Hop is back from vacation! Emily of The Waiting and I are excited to resume the collective trip down memory lane. If you’re new here and don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, check out the explanation of the RTT Blog Hop here. We would love for new bloggers to link up stories with us, in addition to our old friendly favorites. You can find instructions for how to join at the end of my own blog hop entry.

This week, we are remembering where we were when…we heard some big news …an iconic moment happened … Continue reading “I Remember Where I Was When…”

Have a Nostalgic, Sepia-Tinted Christmas

vintage Christmas party
It’s ’bout to get fa-la-la-loony up in here. Source

Emily and I are having a Remember the Time Christmas party over at her blog, The Waiting…because she actually decorated her blog for the holidays, unlike me. Head on over there and see if you can tell whether or not we bowed to the gods of Pinterest during our collaborative post party planning. (Hint, we didn’t. But we are poking fun at some old Christmas photos.) Just click the link below Continue reading “Have a Nostalgic, Sepia-Tinted Christmas”

Mail Order Anniversary

We may live in the age of email, texting, and social media, but there is nary a person who doesn’t get a little thrill when the mail carrier delivers an envelope or package to your door. And since this is one of the busiest times of year for snail mail, Emily and I thought we would write about MAIL for this week’s Remember the Time Blog Hop. Did you have a pen pal growing up? Did you develop a love affair with buying and receiving things from the Home Shopping Network when you got your first credit card? Did the mailman actually turn out to be your real father? Whatever the story, just be sure there’s an element of nostalgia Continue reading “Mail Order Anniversary”

Matching Outfits: Which Sister Wore It Better?

So I have been co-hosting the Remember the Time Blog Hop with Emily of The Waiting for a few months now. I’d say it has really brought us closer…as close as two bloggers who live in different states and communicate mostly via Facebook messages can be. So basically, we’re like sisters. Down to the fact that one day in the comment section we are arranging marriages of our children (wait, that would be creepy for siblings to do), and the next we’re declaring jello wrestling death match fights over who gets to marry Rick Astley if Continue reading “Matching Outfits: Which Sister Wore It Better?”

Count My Blessings? Stuff It.

I’m not going to try to be clever and witty. We are talking about “being thankful” for the Remember the Time Blog Hop this week because, duh. Check out how to link up and join the hop at the end of my post.

In my family, Thanksgiving is really about just one thing.

Yeah, there’s the whole “being with family” thing, and the whole “being grateful for our blessings” thing, and Continue reading “Count My Blessings? Stuff It.”

I’m Sending You On a Little Trip

Don’t get too comfortable. In fact, just keep your coat on. Because I’m going to be sending you somewhere else today.

I’m taking a break this week from the Remember the Time Blog Hop, and I have asked the very talented, very charming, very kind Dawn at Tales From the Motherland to step in as the co-host. I know she will take good care of my blog hoppers along with Miss Emily at The Waiting, Continue reading “I’m Sending You On a Little Trip”

Remember the Time…A Stranger Called? (Halloween Edition)

The topic for this week’s Remember the Time Blog Hop (Halloween edition) is that time we were flippin’ freakin’ scared out of our minds…or anything else Halloween related. Unlike the last time we focused our nostalgia on fear, feel free to unleash your tales of ghosts, goblins, ax murderers, and real life horror. Now go find your security blanket and join me for my own trip down Nightmare on Elm Street. Continue reading “Remember the Time…A Stranger Called? (Halloween Edition)”