Remember The Time…We Lived in Fear?

I am resisting the urge right now to make any references to ghosts, haunted houses, scary movies, and general creep-a-delic experiences. This week, Emily of The Waiting suggested we tackle the subject of “fear” for our Remember the Time Blog Hop. Naturally, I was down for that. First of all, I have a hard time denying Emily anything. I mean, have you seen her? She’s adorable. I’ve never met her in real life, but I imagine that she smells like if pumpkin spice lattes, barbeque, and Snuggle fabric softener came together to create a Super Fragrance. Second of all, fear and I are kind of best buds. I love all things scary. And we are currently in the month where I can let my macabre musing fly and still have people think I’m normal.

But then Emily went ahead and squashed my dreams: “I am adding a note in it for this week’s participants to save their Halloween stories for the week of Halloween since I think it would be tons of fun to hear great Halloween stories then. ;D”

Whatever, stupid winkey face. Fine. I’ll save all my super awesome Halloween stories for another couple of weeks. It’s a good thing Emily probably smells like the Super Fragrance Snuggle-pumpkin-que. fear

So for this week’s RTT Blog Hop, share your stories about dumb old regular fear. Like the time you were afraid to tell your parents you wrecked the car. Or the time you thought you had the Ebola virus but it turned out you were just one of those kids who always gets bloody noses for no reason. Or the time your mom hired Barney the Dinosaur to come to your birthday, but you ended up having an insane fear of people in giant character costumes. Or the time you wanted to speak out against the popular girl because hey, maybe I wanted to write about scary Halloween stuff this week and who put you in charge of the blogosphere? …but then you knew if you did you’d end up blogging in the same loser circles as the spammers and the guy who simply posts pictures of what he eats for dinner every night. You know, THAT kind of fear. Just not Halloween-type fear. Because apparently we’re doing that LATER.

After you write your piece, NOT about Halloween…about another kind of fear, make sure to check back here or at The Waiting on Thursday to link up with us! Nothing about it will be spooky. Absolutely, depressingly nothing.

(If you write your post before Thursday, you can send it to me via Facebook or Twitter and you’ll get bonus points by getting it publicized there a little early!)

You can steal me and use me as your own
You can steal me and use me as your own

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11 thoughts on “Remember The Time…We Lived in Fear?

  1. Hello again Miss Kel….I really liked this short post. Isn’t it nice to have relationships in your life that are so comfortable you can toss out piercing little jabs at each other (even if it is a virtual relationship)? I love teasing and being teased….high form of praise. You honored your partner well (and very entertaining).

    Oh, by the way….thanks for screwing up my own blog this week as I was just getting ready to post a picture of the most awesome meal I enjoyed last night!!


    1. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh no…I’m so sorry I ruined your post. But really, you should thank me. I probably just saved you from turning into one of “those” bloggers 🙂 And yes, Emily is super wonderful. She’s kind of like my blogging fairy godmother…even though she’s younger than me. One of the unexpected joys of doing this is being able to interact with some many fun people I wouldn’t otherwise get to know. It’s like having lots of virtual coffee dates. I’m happy you’ve found your way here. I always enjoy our comment conversations.


  2. Okay, so here is whats up: I read the header and drafted my post without reading the entire prompt. It isn’t about Halloween, per se, but it is about overtly scary stuff. I’m posting it anyway. What are you going to do, cut my pay?!


    1. Yes. You are officially off the payroll. 🙂 And really, I’M not the one who doesn’t want the scary stuff. I’ll let you take that up with Emily. (Poor Emily. I’m really running with this, aren’t I?)


  3. That winky face really does have a way of getting me whatever I want, doesn’t it?

    And here it comes.


    PS, I bet you smell like strawberries and champagne and Martha Stewart’s freshly-laundered socks.


    1. You are quite aware of your superpower. As long as you continue to use it for good and not evil, I’m cool with it.

      And as far as smelling like Martha’s freshly laundered socks…I can only wish. I hear she doesn’t like letting her feet touch the ground peasants walk on, so she has people throw potpourri pillows in front of her wherever she goes.


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