Here are some other places you can find me on the internet, and some tremendous honors bestowed on me that have turned me into a real diva.

Erma Bombeck Writing Competition – 2016 Finalist in the Global Humor Category

Contributing Blogger on the Huffington Post

View my profile and entries on Huffington Post HERE

TODAY Parenting Team Contributor

View my profile and entries on TODAY here.

Featured on

The First Time Mom Freak Out 

The Magic of Becoming Grandparents 

Dear 20-Something Stranger at the Grocery Store

Who Gets a Messy House Pass?

The Google Search History of a 6-Year-Old Boy

Listen To Your Mother St. Louis Cast Member (2015)

How Real Love Stories Go

WordPress Recommended Family Blog

If You Like “Family,” We Recommend This Blog (July 2014)

Interview on the Michelle Esswein Show – KLOU 103.3 St. Louis

Absolute Mayhem with Author and Illustrator Kelly Suellentrop (December 21, 2014)

Articles Featured in Parent Tested-Parent Approved E-Guides

Mom & Baby Guide (October 2014)

When All Else Fails (A Guide to Potty Training) – page 22

I Am Afraid I May Have Wished It All Away – page 30

Holiday Guide (December 2014)

The Myth is Over, But the Magic Remains – page 32

Featured Twice as a Freshly Pressed Editor’s Pick:

I Am Afraid I May Have Wished It All Away (September 2013)

The Superhero Keg Party: A Battle for Superiority (January 2014)

Posts Featured on Club Mid:

Childhood Confessions: My Barbie Was a Floozy 

Five Reasons Vacationing with Older Kids Is Annoying

Posts Featured on BlogHer:

Why It’s Time For My Kids To Go Back to School (August 2013)

Lessons in Carpooling: No Egg Salad and No Suggestive Music (September 2013)

I’m Afraid I Wished It All Away (October 2013)

Tales From Sex Ed: Spherical Things That Come in Pairs. And Vaginas. (November 2013)

The French Toast Phenomenon: Why My Family Must Eat It on Snow Days (January 2014)

Baby Changing Stations in the Men’s Bathroom: Gender Stereotypes and Sister-Brother Relationship (April 2014)

Step Off, Carol Brady: What Alice the Housekeeper Taught Me About Parenting (June 2014 – Editor’s Pick)

What Do You Mean You’re “Not a Target Person”? (July 2014)

To the Grandparents: You Are Not Who You Used To Be (September 2014)

Grandma’s House is On the Market: We Took a Look (October 2014)

Do You Worry That Friends Will Blog About You? (December 2014)

Listener Link of the Moment: “Off the Air with Chick McGee” Podcast, Episode #5 (August 24, 2012)

I Like Chicks (August 2012)

Guest Posts:

I’ll Pass on the Leftovers of Anxiety (December 2013) on Crazy Good Parent




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