If You Like “Family,” We Recommend This Blog

You know how sometimes the Universe gives you a gift, but you are too blind to realize it?

Well in this case, the Universe is WordPress (this here blogging platform I use, for those of you non-bloggy peeps), and you can just call me Captain Oblivious.

Last week, I received a message from my blogging sister-wife, Emily of The Waiting. She was basically apologizing for her tardy congratulations, seeing as how she has been on a bit of a blogging hiatus due to lots of super-awesome things happening in her life right now.

Huh? Congratulations? 

Did she mean because I recently went to Target and didn’t spend $100? Did she mean because I was pretty much the valedictorian when I had to play the student at my daughter’s “Day in Third Grade” (suck it, long division)? Did she mean because MetroTix bowed to my whims, leading to my epic score of third row seats to The Monkees concert earlier in June? No. It was for none of these. (By the way, Em…a good friend would have totally congratulated me for ALL of those. I’ll let it slide this time, due to that whole moving-to-a-new-city-and-starting-a-job-where-you-can’t-wear-your-pajamas-or-feel-not-judged-for-eating-Pop-Tarts-in-the-open thing.)

It turns out, Emily was congratulating me for becoming a WordPress Recommended Family Blog. She had wandered over to the Recommended Blogs page and noticed I had been added to the group of really talented Family bloggers, to which she herself already belongs. Little did Em know that, while she probably felt like she was late-to-the-game in her kind words of support, she was actually the herald of the good news…because I had zero clue the honor had been heaped upon me. I have no idea when it happened, but sure enough, when I went to confirm the news for myself, there it was:recommendedblog

Let’s get this straight. A blogger who has been on hiatus for the last few months realized this happened before I, an active(ish) blogger, did. I had been given a gift and didn’t even realize it. (Thank you, Emily, for pulling the cloak from my eyes!)

So…*ahem*…let me officially announce…YOU GUYS! THIS A WORDPRESS RECOMMENDED FAMILY BLOG!

I feel proud to hold the distinction, especially in the category of “Family.” I like that my blog is recognized as a celebration of the thing I hold closest to my heart, and can be considered suitable for all audiences. Although, I shouldn’t be surprised at that last part. I have always been a bit of a, *sigh*, goody-two-shoes. Let’s just say that I had a D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) tee-shirt in high school, and when I wore it, it wasn’t ironically. I was always one of the kids whom parents didn’t mind their children playing with; the babysitter you could trust; the curfew-obedient teenager; the employee who wouldn’t rock the boat. Most of my life could probably fall under the rating of PG. I’m like the ABC Family channel of the blogging world. Oh wait, doesn’t that channel have shows about sorority hazing and promiscuous teenagers mixed in with its reruns of Boy Meets World? Then again, I did write about stealing a giant wagon wheel in college and how I used to pretend my Barbies had sex. I guess I give you all just enough spice to keep you coming back. It can’t always be about the kids.

I am feeling a boatload of gratitude towards the WordPress staff. Knowing that people who read a LOT of blogs are of the opinion that this is one worth reading, well, the writer in me is feeling very fulfilled. So is the mom in me. And the minivan enthusiast in me. I also believe all your “likes,” comments, follows, and support for this blog helped them with their decision to include me on their list. So thank YOU for being your awesome selves.

Finally, since I realize I am a little fish in a big pond of other really great bloggers, here is just a small handful of “Are You Finished Yet Recommended WordPress Blogs,” to pay some love forward:

Ginger’s Grocery by Ginger

Life is Funny (Even When It’s Not) by Anna

Drifting Through My Open Mind by Gretchen

Mended Musings by Karen

Crazy Good Parent by Janice

I am NEVER disappointed when I read the words written by any of these ladies. I also think, like Emily, they would have my back and clue me in the next time something happens on my own blog as I remain forever oblivious.

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43 thoughts on “If You Like “Family,” We Recommend This Blog

  1. Oooooh! Congratulations!!! I can’t believe they don’t let you know stuff like that – maybe a notification or email might be nice? That’s so great – well earn! And seriously, I don’t know how you can go to Target and not spend $100. I must know your secret.


    1. Thank you!! I wouldn’t be surprised if they did send an email…and I accidentally deleted it. Or sometimes I feel like I miss emails from platforms like WordPress and BlogHer. Who knows. Thankfully other people actually stay on top of things going on in the WordPress world 🙂

      And the Target thing…I have no idea. I am pretty sure it was a fluke. In fact, I know it was, because I went yesterday and spent over $100.


  2. Congrats and well deserved… From your #2 fan! Your mom is your #1 fan and I’ll give it to her. After all she is your mom but I hear that #2 tries harder! 😉


  3. Congrats Kelly. The secret to spending under a $100. Is Wally world. You want to get in and out to fast.


  4. Congratulations! I am not the least bit surprised you received this honor. I have recommended your blog to some of my friends and they have enjoyed your writing. I am always excited to see a new post!!


  5. So deserved and so awesome! And, gosh, thank you for the shout out! I’ve been so down on work/blogging/money lately and I really needed this boost! Oh, and how did you do that Target thing? Our family joke is that Dad goes to Target for milk and comes home with milk. Mom goes to Target for milk and comes home with milk and a flat-screen TV. One day, that actually happened.


    1. It is my pleasure. People can’t find other great blogs unless they know about them 🙂 And you are doing such a great service to parenthood by bringing to light what a lot of us don’t always like talking about because we are afraid we are the only ones having those feelings or issues.

      And the Target thing…no clue. But it was obviously a fluke, because I was there yesterday and spent over $100. So things are back to normal. And I don’t doubt that happened with the tv. It sounds completely reasonable to me.


  6. This is crazy! Crazy good, Kelly! It’s making me use so many more exclams than I’m comfortable with … but dang it … it’s a BIG DEAL! And so sweet of you to shout me out. HOLLA! Wow … and kinda funny that you didn’t even know. I’m surprised they don’t send you an email like they do with being FPd! Anyway, soooo many congrats—I’m so super happy for you Lil Mama! 🙂


  7. They got it right because you are one of my favorite family blogs and you are famous around here for your videos too. I mean I feel like I am rubbing elbows with royalty. Blessings and congrats.


  8. Kelly! I have no idea what’s going on but I haven’t been getting any notifications of your blog, like all summer! AAARRRGGGHHH! Yours is one of the few I get email notifications for… cause I kinda love you 🙂 I was thinking about you the other day and figured you were taking a break and working on your awesome, highly anticipated book… Anyways, congratulations on this honor! It is SO deserved and I’m so happy for you! Now I’m off to read all of your posts that I missed. Yes, I’m using you as an excuse to not clean my house right now. And your “Barbies having sex” post is still my favorite one. Ever.


    1. Aw, I kinda love you too 🙂 And considering I love a good excuse not to clean, I am happy to be the excuse for you. No worries about missing posts…I wasn’t super productive over the summer and I gave been even more terrible at reading all my faves as well. I have been getting some good work done on the book though! Illustrations should be finished in the next week or so, and then it is on to all the technical and business kind of stuff of the publishing process. Fingers crossed it will be ready to be under the Christmas tree! (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself)


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