Matching Outfits: Which Sister Wore It Better?

So I have been co-hosting the Remember the Time Blog Hop with Emily of The Waiting for a few months now. I’d say it has really brought us closer…as close as two bloggers who live in different states and communicate mostly via Facebook messages can be. So basically, we’re like sisters. Down to the fact that one day in the comment section we are arranging marriages of our children (wait, that would be creepy for siblings to do), and the next we’re declaring jello wrestling death match fights over who gets to marry Rick Astley if Continue reading “Matching Outfits: Which Sister Wore It Better?”

Join the Bandwagon: Blame It On Mesothelioma

Bandwagons. We have all likely jumped on at least one in our lives. Can I see a show of hands of those of you who sported both poof-ball bangs and jelly shoes? That’s what I thought.

milli vanilli
What? I can’t hear you. I see your lips moving, but nothing is coming out.

I have occasionally been taking part in Emily and Ashley’s “Remember the Time” Blog Hop. This week Emily tossed out the subject of remembering a time you jumped on a bandwagon. Continue reading “Join the Bandwagon: Blame It On Mesothelioma”