I’m Sending You On a Little Trip

Don’t get too comfortable. In fact, just keep your coat on. Because I’m going to be sending you somewhere else today.

I’m taking a break this week from the Remember the Time Blog Hop, and I have asked the very talented, very charming, very kind Dawn at Tales From the Motherland to step in as the co-host. I know she will take good care of my blog hoppers along with Miss Emily at The Waiting, and they both have stellar posts about this week’s theme over at their blogs, ready for you to read. So go read them. And please give Dawn lots of love, because I’m very grateful she took on this task last-minute to help me out…and also because she’s the bomb.com. But just so we are clear, I’m going to pull a Jay Leno and take my gig back, no matter how much you like the new and fresh Conan O’Brien spirit Dawn brings to RTT. Visit Tales From the Motherland HERE.

andie macdowell
Hold on, Andie MacDowell. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t say here. Source

And while you are visiting other places via my blog, you should also head over to read Rarasaur’s post about International Label Day 2013. Rara very graciously asked if I would submit a photo of me displaying a label that speaks to who I am, and I very ungraciously sent her one at the last minute around midnight this morning. But she’s so kick ass that she still put it in her post. So go give Rara some love as well, and check out how I and a lot of other great bloggers see ourselves.

And that’s really all I have to say. See? I told you to leave your coat on.

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9 thoughts on “I’m Sending You On a Little Trip

  1. What! I thought you said you were handing this over to me. I waited and prayed and got all excited… You are so Jay. But… I adore you anyway. I’m sure you noticed that Connan and I both have red hair and a cowlick? Yeah, that’s right baby.

    All kidding aside… thanks for your faith in me, Lesley. Didn’t get much sleep last night, pulling this together, but I really enjoyed the challenge! Air kisses, ((hug, hug))


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