The Edges of the Brownie

“Are you a middle-0f-the-brownie person, or an edge-of-the-brownie person?”

I was having breakfast several months ago with some of my ladies, and my friend Kathy decided to turn the conversation to dessert…because sometimes it’s fun to talk about food you’re not eating but want to eat while you’re already eating other food. Though I can be indecisive about most things in my life, I definitely had a stance on this topic.

“Edge. All the way. I’m the reason why they make those special pans where every brownie is a corner piece.” Continue reading “The Edges of the Brownie”

3 Tips for Getting Kids To Eat Healthy (Hint: They All Involve Deception)

When it comes to eating healthy, kids talk a big talk. But they usually walk the walk that leads them straight to the sugar high.

Case in point: I was recently at an elementary school reading my book, Absolute Mayhem, to the kids. At one point in the story, my character Milo is struggling to choke down his vegetables in as many unsuccessful ways as possible. I always stop and ask the kids, “You guys like vegetables, right?” I usually get a pretty resounding “Yes!” drowning out those few, *ahem*…darling children who always insist on giving the answer they know you don’t want to hear. However, when I turn the page to reveal Milo and his sister Lulu feasting on a sweet buffet that is the stuff of doctor’s and dentists’ nightmares, a wide-eyed, covetous look creeps across the face of every single child sitting on the reading carpet. It’s a look that says, Screw you, vegetables.
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Count My Blessings? Stuff It.

I’m not going to try to be clever and witty. We are talking about “being thankful” for the Remember the Time Blog Hop this week because, duh. Check out how to link up and join the hop at the end of my post.

In my family, Thanksgiving is really about just one thing.

Yeah, there’s the whole “being with family” thing, and the whole “being grateful for our blessings” thing, and Continue reading “Count My Blessings? Stuff It.”

Turkey Tetrazzini With a Side of Dementia

We have always celebrated Christmas Eve with my mom’s side of the family. And for as long as I can remember, we have always had Turkey Tetrazzini for dinner, served on fancy holiday paper plates. It may not have been the most traditional or glamorous of Christmas meals, but I looked forward to it for 364 days of the year. The humble but hearty smell of the creamy noodle casserole welcomed me home to my grandparents’ house. It was the first sign that let me know Continue reading “Turkey Tetrazzini With a Side of Dementia”

Remember the Time….We Nom-Nom-Nom’ed?

In the words of a bunch of English workhouse kids: “Food, glorious food!”

That’s the subject for this week’s Remember the Time Blog Hop. Emily of The Waiting and I want to hear about your food-related memories. Does your family have a time-honored recipe with a beautiful story behind it? Did you almost burn down your kitchen trying to make your parents breakfast in bed on their anniversary? Did things come to blows when Jenny’s mom and Courtney’s mom Continue reading “Remember the Time….We Nom-Nom-Nom’ed?”