The Edges of the Brownie

“Are you a middle-0f-the-brownie person, or an edge-of-the-brownie person?”

I was having breakfast several months ago with some of my ladies, and my friend Kathy decided to turn the conversation to dessert…because sometimes it’s fun to talk about food you’re not eating but want to eat while you’re already eating other food. Though I can be indecisive about most things in my life, I definitely had a stance on this topic.

“Edge. All the way. I’m the reason why they make those special pans where every brownie is a corner piece.”

It’s true. The edge of the brownie is far superior. It’s the best of both worlds. You have some of the gooey, soft middle. But then you get to finish it with the slightly over-done edge that’s somewhere between chewy and crunchy. It’s the same rule that applies to the perfect cookie: a not-quite-cooked center surrounded by crispy edges.

Eating the edge of the brownie is one of those perfect moments in life.

Not long after our breakfast discussion of brownies, I went to the ER for what I feared was a burst appendix, but turned out to be a kidney stone. If you are a fan of pain that won’t quit, vomiting from said pain, vomiting from the meds supposed to ease the pain, and having a nurse inspect the contents of your pee every time you go the bathroom, I highly recommend kidney stones. Five out of five stars on all four of those experiences.


The next day, after being discharged, my doorbell rings. Standing there was Kathy, holding a plate filled solely with the edges of the brownie.

It was more than simply a welcome sight after spending 24 hours either in too much pain to eat, or with no choice but to eat hospital food. It was a gesture that showed me I was loved, that someone really saw me enough to know what would bring me a bit of joy. And it was proof to seal the deal that Kathy is one kick ass friend.

It rarely takes much to be there for someone you care about. I’m just as guilty as anyone in often thinking I need to make grand gestures to prove my devotion. And sometimes the idea of grand gestures become so overwhelming I end up doing nothing instead.

But giving your best to someone can be as easy as giving them the edge of the brownie. In fact, when I think of the moments that have touched me the most throughout my life, they are usually small and humble in action, yet sincere and telling in meaning.

Strong relationships are built on these humble actions, these small reaches, these plates filled with the favorite parts of favorite foods.

And for Kathy…a blog post finally about her. 😉


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Photo: “Salted Caramel Brownies” by The Foodie Gift Hunter is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


One thought on “The Edges of the Brownie

  1. I can’t believe I gave you all the edges. I must’ve been very strong that day! Actually I think I went home and made another batch.

    By far my favorite blog of yours ever!!!! Friends make friends smile and that’s what I’m doing!


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