Remember the Time….We Nom-Nom-Nom’ed?

In the words of a bunch of English workhouse kids: “Food, glorious food!”

That’s the subject for this week’s Remember the Time Blog Hop. Emily of The Waiting and I want to hear about your food-related memories. Does your family have a time-honored recipe with a beautiful story behind it? Did you almost burn down your kitchen trying to make your parents breakfast in bed on their anniversary? Did things come to blows when Jenny’s mom and Courtney’s mom both maintained they each had the best brownies at the school bake sale?

baking with mom
That’s it, honey. We’re going to wipe the floor with Winifred’s snickerdoodles.

Tell us all about it, then check back here or at The Waiting on Thursday to link up with Emily and me. And then we will see whose story makes our stomachs growl the loudest.

Don’t know what the “Remember the Time Blog Hop” is? Learn all about it here, then get your writing butt in gear…and join us!

You can steal me and use me as your own
You can steal me and use me as your own

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