I Am Now In Charge of All Things Retro

Anyone who knows me well is aware I am drawn to most things retro. “Saved By the Bell enthusiast. Check. Fan of a boy band from a bygone generation. Check. An aversion to all gaming systems that aren’t the original Nintendo. Check. Clothes in my closet from not only college, but high school…that I still wear. Check. Being someone who lived during the “olden times,” evident by the fact that I was around when the movie “Homeward Bound” came out, which, according to my daughter, is a movie from that ancient era (ahem, 1993). Check

blog hopNeedless to say, I was psyched to the max when I got this, like, totally radical message from one of my blogger friends (I’m going to start calling them freggers…mark my word, it will catch on like wildfire). Her name is Emily, and she blogs at The Waiting. As in Emily of “Emily and Ashley Present: Remember the Time…A Blog Hop.” Like, her name is in the title of darn thing. And now….mine will be, too!!!! Gnarly. That’s right. It will now be known as “Emily and Kelly Present: Remember the Time…A Blog Hop.” I’m starting to think she only picked me in order to stay with the whole “names ending in an -ly thing” they had going on. We sound like a couple of sorority girls. But don’t worry. We will totally be an Animal House sorority. Emily has already designated me the one who will refill Dixie cups with cheap booze. And if you happen to find a random horse in your blog, it was likely just me and Emily up to our old sorority shenanigans.

Unfortunately, in order for all of this to conspire, it meant that the other half of that blog hop, Ashley of Zebra Garden, is taking a long term hiatus from blogging. And that news bummed me out because I genuinely enjoyed her work. But I have on good authority she is on to bigger and better things, and I will be excited to see what transpires. Please join me in wishing Ashley the best of luck!

rebecca donaldson and danny tanner
Come listen to our banal banter

Emily certainly could have handled the blog hop on her own. She’s got mad skills. So I was even more honored when she asked me to be her new cohost. The Vanna White to her Pat Sajak. The Ed McMahon to her Johnny Carson. The Rebecca Donaldson to her Danny Tanner. And considering the top-notch hilariosity she welcomed me with in her post over on her blog today, I have a pretty high bar to reach.

Just a quick run-down of how the whole “Remember the Time Blog Hop” works:

  • Every Monday, Emily and I will announce a topic relating to “remember the time when we…”
  • Bloggers have a few days to create the next blog post that will rock the internet to its core
  • Everyone comes back to Emily’s blog and my blog on Thursday to link up their posts with lots of other great writers.
  • We all read each others posts, get all sappy and nostalgic for the good old days, then let our inner 80-year-olds rant about the cataclysmic decline of society. Like, I’m so sure.

This week, we will be remembering the time we…CARPOOLED! Were you unfortunate enough to live on the same street as the kid who smelled like head cheese and have a mother who insisted on carpooling when gas prices went up to the outrageous $1.30 per gallon? Gag me with a spoon. Or were you the lucky kid who always got to sit in the pop-up backward facing seats in your neighbor’s station wagon? Righteous.

Look how tiny our carbon footprint is.

Be sure to check back in on Thursday. If you need a ride, just let me know. I’ve got a minivan.

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7 thoughts on “I Am Now In Charge of All Things Retro

  1. Ohhhh, the 80’s. The big hair (I used steam hot rollers back then); the awful eye shadow (I was quite bad at it); and MTV. Ahhhh, now I feel old!
    This sounds quite fun. Might give it a whack, who knows? Very creative ideas, good on ya.


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