Remember the Time…We Had Our School Picture Taken?

Say Cheese!

It’s time to put your pride aside and pull out those old school yearbook photos. We all have them. No one is immune. It’s the great equalizer.

This week for the Remember the Time Blog Hop, Emily and I want to hear your stories about the epic fail that is the school yearbook picture. There is a reason one of the most unfairly-cancelled-before-its-time television shows, “Freaks and Geeks,” used the situation as its opening credit montage. Because if you have the right attitude, hilarity is born out of humiliation.

So take the next few days to dig deep into boxes in the basement for your least photogenic moments. And then check back here or at The Waiting on Thursday to link up with us and share your awkward with the blogosphere yearbook. Class of 2013 rules.

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4 thoughts on “Remember the Time…We Had Our School Picture Taken?

  1. Yes! Freak and Geeks! I am trying to get my husband to watch it with me on Netflix. It’s a good thing I like him so much because his refusal would drive a less stable marriage to divorce.


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