My Kids Now Make Music Videos Without Me

It started with “My Van Is Stacked.” Then the egos inflated a bit more with “(I’m Not Your) Live-In Maid.” And now it seems my children feel their stars burn too brightly for their mama’s musical productions. Either that, or they just got too impatient waiting for me to come up with a new music video idea. Right now, I got nothin’, folks.

The innocent faces of those plotting to turn a trio into a duo...
The innocent faces of those plotting to turn a trio into a duo…

Grace and Michael joined forces with my friend Natalie to create their own video for a song called “Tiger Swami” by Circe Link. I was introduced to the music of Circe by way of The Monkees (because they are my Kevin Bacon). Circe’s partner in music and life is none other than Christian Nesmith, son of the Grand Poobah of sideburns, Mike Nesmith. (See? Just two short little degrees.) Direct linkage to Monkee royalty aside, I would have come to love Circe’s music and her whimsically melodious voice anyway. And when I brought home the California Kid album from MonkeeCon last year, my kids were hooked immediately. Very quickly, “Tiger Swami” became a favorite of theirs, and it is still THE most requested song in our minivan.

Circe Link, Christian Nesmith
Meeting Circe and Christian at MonkeeCon 2013

Knowing this, my friend Natalie thought it would be fun to have the kids make their own video for the song when she came to visit a few weeks ago. And they didn’t need to be asked twice. Without one concern for their exclusive performing contract with their own mother, Grace and Michael were hamming it up for Natalie’s camera before she even yelled action.

But the question remains: will their solo effort follow the trajectory of Justin Timberlake post-N*Sync…or any given member of the Spice Girls post-90’s Girl Power?

I give you “Tiger Swami,” a la Grace and Michael…and Scout:

Bravo, Natalie…you didn’t quite know what you were getting yourself into with these two. Your wise editing touches sure did wrangle in the crazy.

If you want to see Grace’s and Michael’s previous work in music videos, check out “My Van Is Stacked” and “(I’m Not Your) Live-In Maid.”

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