The Archive Is Alive: Dangerous Names

Between recently attending a baby shower and visiting a friend and her newborn daughter, this post from a few years ago popped into my head this evening. And since I have devoted this week to finishing up illustrations for my upcoming book (woo hoo!!), I decided to call this one up again as my pinch hitter. And since most of my readers now weren’t around when I first posted this, it is very likely new to you.


So I kind of have baby on the brain lately. I think I probably made my husband stop breathing with that statement, but mostly it is just because I have quite a few friends who are pregnant right now. Bringing new life into the world is filled with all kinds of land mines of excitement and frustration. And picking a name for your new bundle is just one of them. Continue reading “The Archive Is Alive: Dangerous Names”

Hey Smarty Pants…You’re Not So Smart

I am taking advantage of a short window of time to squeeze in this blog post between visiting the dentist this morning to get cavities filled in BOTH kids (the most fun thing ever) and heading out to see the Lego exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Garden, followed by a Cardinals game. We are in the midst of a very intense week-long “staycation,” seeing as how we opted not to travel this summer. My husband has taken some time off of work, and we are naturally trying to do in a span of seven days to assuage our guilt of not taking our kids on vacation like all of their friends. Because our kids are always super appreciative, and never whine, and are completely satisfied by the level of fun we provide for them at the expense of our time, energy, wallets, and sanity. (Remember when I said getting the kids’ cavities filled was the most fun thing ever? Just read that last sentence in the same implied tone.) Continue reading “Hey Smarty Pants…You’re Not So Smart”

The Archive Is Alive: An Accidental Bunny Sighting, Among Other Things

I know, I know. Two weeks in a row of regurgitating archived posts. I am imagining a lot of this happening on the other side of your computer screens: Continue reading “The Archive Is Alive: An Accidental Bunny Sighting, Among Other Things”

Hallmark, Schmallmark. I Got Your REAL Valentines Right Here.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here is a little something I wrote last year for the holiday of love:

I just spent a mind-numbing half hour helping my son sign eighteen valentine cards for his classmates. Even he was getting bored, evident by his increasingly lax standards of how to make the letters in his name: “This is a different way to make a ‘C,’ Mom.” Looks good to me, buddy. No one is going to pay much attention to your valentine anyway since mom here went the cheap-o route this year and got the ones that don’t come with any Continue reading “Hallmark, Schmallmark. I Got Your REAL Valentines Right Here.”

The Archive is Alive: Even Stupid Has a Purpose

Time for another recycled post! This one is courtesy of January 2011. Enjoy!

stupid question comicWhen I was teaching, I used to tell my students there was no such thing as a stupid question. Let’s be honest. There are stupid questions. But I could never say that to my students, lest I get an angry phone call from some parent about how I had forever damaged the delicate psyche of her daughter, who obviously Continue reading “The Archive is Alive: Even Stupid Has a Purpose”

The Archive Is Alive: A Girl Needs Her Friends…Just Ask the Fish

I have decided to implement a new “series” on my blog: The Archive Is Alive. Occasionally, I will revisit old posts from my archives in order to breathe some new life into them. Like old photos, I sometimes scroll through things I have written, and they bring back memories I had forgotten. Some were posted back when only my mom and a handful of friends were reading this blog. Some are personal favorites. Some I need to reread to remind myself of a lesson I have Continue reading “The Archive Is Alive: A Girl Needs Her Friends…Just Ask the Fish”