The Archive Is Alive: An Accidental Bunny Sighting, Among Other Things

I know, I know. Two weeks in a row of regurgitating archived posts. I am imagining a lot of this happening on the other side of your computer screens:

fozzie muppet annoyed
Even Fozzie is annoyed with me.

and this:

nina garcia project runway
I’m a disappointment, I know. Way to rub it in, Nina.

and some of this:

michael scott
“She’s resting on her laurels AGAIN. Awkward.”

maybe a little of this:

oprah crying
There, there, Oprah. I will write something new eventually. I know you’ve been a little lost without your book club.

and likely a lot of this:

judge judy laptop disgusted
If you don’t like it, just mosey back on over to your Facebook newsfeed, okay?

I should have something new soon, including an explanation of why I have been phoning it in here on the blog lately…and why I haven’t been reading and commenting on so many of the blogs I love. It’s all for good reasons, so don’t you worry about me one bit. But know I miss my time on here and my interactions with you.

In the meantime, here is a fun little post from a few years ago about a visit to the Easter Bunny. It seemed appropriate for this time of year. I would love it if you click on over there:

An Accidental Bunny Sighting, Among Other Things.


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0 Responses

  1. Holli

    I just spent the last 6 weeks on hiatus…who am I to judge? Hope you’re enjoying a Happy Easter with your people.

    • AreYouFinishedYet

      I did have a good Easter! Hope it was a happy day for you as well. And thank you for not judging 🙂 You are much nicer to have around than Judgey Judge Judy.

  2. Beth

    Kelly, your apology for regurgitating/not posting is as clever as ever! The images/captions continue to entertain us. I’ve missed reading the blog and am just now catching up, but have no clever explanation nor postings to show for it… I am glad you continue to inspire!

    • AreYouFinishedYet

      Aw, thank you! I really appreciate that! And I am always thankful when anyone reads, and even more thankful when they enjoy it! I did get a NEW post up today, finally. Whew!

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