The Kids Have Spoken: #ilovemymayhem

Since the beginning of January, I have been touring elementary schools, reading Absolute Mayhem to the students. Guys, if I thought I loved being a children’s author before, these visits have made me 100% certain this is exactly the path I should be traveling. Interacting with the kids, listening to them laugh at all the right places, answering their hilarious and intelligent questions, and hearing what they love about the book is about as delicious as it gets. At one of the visits, a little girl raised her hand and said, “I want to be just like you when I grow up.” I can’t even. I mean, that phrase is usually said to, like, astronauts…and people who save puppies dressed in butterfly costumes from raging fires. She may not have said that if she knew behind my author/illustrator facade is just a mom who never buys the latest trends for her kids and is capable of taking away trick-or-treating on Halloween as a punishment.

Aside from getting a huge ego boost from these kids, I am genuinely moved when they display their approval for Absolute Mayhem. Parents say their children ask to read it over and over again, and some even “play” Lulu and Milo, acting out their adventures (I smell Queen Comma and Count Milo of Fractionville Halloween costumes).

Kids send me their own drawings of Lulu and Milo (I’m hoping to have a section for these on my website soon!). One girl even chose to do a book report on it! (Just as the Velveteen Rabbit becomes real through the love a little boy, books become real when someone writes a book report on them.) Honestly, I get a little misty. It’s one thing to have an adult compliment the book. But when the little people for whom I wrote the book love it? Every ounce of work I put into the project is validated. Every last stinkin’ ounce. It feels really great to know kids love their Mayhem.

And I love when you all show me how much your kids love their Mayhem. Several people have posted pictures on social media of their kids or their students with the book, and I get such a kick out of it! Since we are coming up on the holiday of love, I thought it might be fun to celebrate with a little Valentine’s hashtag campaign!  #ilovemymayhem#ilovemymayhem

Here’s how you can play:

First, snap a photo of your children or your class with a copy of Absolute Mayhem. Get creative!

Next, use the hashtag #ilovemymayhem and post it to the social media outlet of your choice: 1) Tweet the photo to @ryoufinishedyet OR 2) Post the photo to the Kelly Suellentrop Facebook page OR 3) Post the photo on Instagram and tag @kellysuellentrop.

Start posting now through Valentine’s Day, after which time I will create a slide show of all the pictures I receive to put up on my website. Your kids can have fun watching for their own cute little mugs while enjoying the photos from other fans of the book! Just don’t forget to use the hashtag #ilovemymayhem!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I can not wait to see what you all come up with! Happy Hashtagging!


Don’t forget! Everyone who subscribes my Weekly Mayhem Newsletter by Tuesday, February 10th will be entered to win either a signed copy of Absolute Mayhem OR a Lulu & Milo mouse pad (choose from three designs!). Just click HERE and pop in your email address to stay updated on all kinds of fun things. It will land in your email inbox only once a week, at most.


If you are interested in an author visit in person or by Skype, find out how you can bring Lulu & Milo (and Kelly) to your school HERE.

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10 thoughts on “The Kids Have Spoken: #ilovemymayhem

  1. There is no greater praise than a compliment from a child. If you did not previously consider yourself the luckiest lady in the world, I am sure that you do now, in your post-mayhem life.


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