Obligatory Weekly Post…And Pee Wee

Okay, so this post is kind of like a placeholder. I seemed to have forgotten to add “blogging” to my calendar this week, but I did add “randomly redecorating my bedroom,” which has totally been a time suck for the past three days. I almost decided to just ignore you all until next Tuesday, but it always feels like a slippery slope if I skip a week of publishing words on the internet. So this is what you’re getting.

But you know me. I’m going to give you the best damn placeholder I can.

First, BOOK UPDATE!!! (My favorite part.) I have officially finished illustrations for my upcoming children’s book. So, um, that means I, like, am really doing this. Holy crap on a cracker. I don’t have any of them scanned in to show you yet, but here is a photo I took a few weeks ago of me drinking beer while drawing. Yes, folks. When you read your children this book, you can now wonder how many illustrations I drew totally wasted.

This is totally appropriate.
This is totally appropriate.

This week I have a meeting to begin working on my new author website, which I will hopefully be sharing with everyone soon! Don’t worry…Are You Finished Yet? isn’t going anywhere. It’s just going to get a new baby sibling.

Second, my writing is going to be featured at some pretty big places in the coming weeks. Where, you ask? Well, you’re just going to have to wait and see. Suspense.built.

Third, the best thing that happened to me in the past week was that my brother and sister-in-law sent me the double feature DVD of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure AND Big Top Pee Wee. It’s like I didn’t even know my life was incomplete until it showed up on my doorstep. And I want to share some of the joy with you. You know you love this scene:

See? Best damned placeholder ever. Have a great rest of the week, folks!

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27 thoughts on “Obligatory Weekly Post…And Pee Wee

        1. Wait, Wait! Emily is alive? Kelly, how did you keep this secret?! Last time I saw her we were gleefully sharing a Happy Meal and saying, I love you… and poof! The interworld isn’t the same without you two. Sure glad you gave us something to “hold” on to, here, Kelly… and a bonus sighting of Ms. Em. The Waiting is just unbearable. xo to you both and giant MAZEL to Ms K for rocking this book!


  1. The illustrations look AH-MAZING! Can’t wait for this book! I’ll be pimping it all over town!

    I love the “randomly redecorating my bedroom.” That is exactly what I do! Super busy and no time? Let’s throw in a big project too! I’m at a point where I feel busier than I’ve ever been with kids’ stuff and a few projects I’m helping some friends with, but yesterday I was researching ideas to re-do my son’s room. All because he needs a bigger desk. Which means moving things around. So, might as well paint. And put up new pictures. And give his sister some of his old furniture. Which means some of her stuff will go to her little sister. So now I’m obsessed with changing all their rooms. Totally on the cheap, so it’s ok, right? Never mind the cost to my sanity! And I’m dying to see where your writing gets featured….


    1. That is EXACTLY how it happens. So mine all started back in August when I decided that I would use my birthday money to get a new duvet cover for out bed, because the one we had was just done. The one I ended up falling in love with was a totally fantastic price, BUT it didn’t match the color of our walls or any other accessories in the room. But I decided since I was getting such a good deal on the comforter, I could just use the rest of the money to completely redo the room to match. My poor husband. He couldn’t care less what our bedroom looks like, but there he was over the weekend, moving our giant pieces of bedroom furniture so I could repaint. But I am totally in love with our room now. I might start doing all my work from the bedroom. Whoa, that sounds bad…

      And I am so happy to hear you like the illustrations. That was the part I was most worried about, and most tentative about venturing into. All in all, I’m starting to get pretty excited about the whole thing.


  2. I used to babysit my niece who was obsessed with that PeeWee movie. We would have to rewind it a gazillion times to replay the scene where the scary lady says,”tell ’em Large Marge sent ya'” . I so need to borrow that movie from you just for that scene!
    Good Luck in the bedroom – take that however you want to.


  3. Cute….I never will forget, (shortly after his arrest), he came onto the Oscars and asked the audience – heard any good jokes lately? I keep looking for that new Pee Wee movie that has been rumored. Good luck with the book thing! (I have such a way with words)


  4. Kelly! I missed this because I was on vacation! I’ve seen this image (the illustration/cold brew one) several times now and love it more EVERY TIME. There is something about the composition of it that works in my brain. LOVE LOVE LOVE. And wow to being featured in some cool places … I can’t wait to see!! Very proud of all you’re doing 🙂


    1. Something about the composition, huh?…Maybe that the beer is front and center? 🙂 And you are allowed to miss my posts as long as you are on super cool vacations that I can go on vicariously through you. Your Facebook feed always makes me happy!!


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