You Asked for It: “(I’m Not Your) Live-In Maid”

Well, I’m not very timely in fulfilling my promises. But it is finished. As promised.

A while back I said that if you all helped me reach 320 followers, I would make a new music video as a follow-up to “My Van is Stacked.” Not only did you help me reach that number, but exceed it. So I am here to make good on my promise. Hopefully you will forgive my tardiness. Writing/directing/producing/performing/editing a music video I’m not getting paid for has a way of taking awhile.

Last time, I paid homage to Sir-Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” It just came to me one day while shopping for a new minivan, and a parody was born. This time, however, the song wasn’t sitting on a platter for me. I agonized awhile over what I was going to do. Finally, I made the decision I was probably destined to make since the age of nine: I was going to parody The Monkees.

mommy maidAnd with that, “(I’m Not Your) Live-In Maid” came to be. My husband was skeptical, thinking that a lot of people would not be familiar with The Monkees’ song, “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone.” But I had your back, fair readers. I believed you were more culturally literate than that. (More precisely, I think I immaturely said, “Well, people are STUPID if they don’t know that song.”) But JUST in case, you can listen to “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” here (and enjoy a delightfully comic romp), and consider yourself enlightened. You’re welcome.

Sorry, guys. I failed you. But did I really ever have a chance of meeting this level of amazing?

Now before I debut the video, there are a few things that must be said. First, my sincerest apologies to “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” songwriters, Bobby Hart and the late Tommy Boyce, for completely butchering what is most decidedly one of the world’s most perfect rock ‘n’ pop masterpieces. Secondly, you may not know this about me, but I can not sing. Therefore, my performance is a bold slap-in-the-face embarrassment to the flawless and magically primal vocals of Micky Dolenz. There is no need to patronize me with compliments. I will call you out for your insincerity, albeit kind in its purposes. It’s okay. I know what I’m putting out there, and I have no delusions about what it sounds like. Fact: I would have gotten booed off of Showtime at the Apollo.

And we’re not even going to talk about sound and video quality. I properly cursed out Windows Movie Maker multiple, multiple times. Alas, it is what it is.

With that, I give you the second ever “Are You Finished Yet?” music video, “(I’m Not Your) Live-In Maid”…with bonus features! Ooooooooohhhhh…

Again, HUGE props go to my partner-in-crime and cameraman extraordinaire, my husband, as well as to my ham bone kids, who only whined 49% of the time while making this video.


Kelly, Grace, and Michael

Special Guests:

Scout and Kurt’s Feet

Written by:


Produced and Directed by:

Kelly and Kurtis

Choreography and Staging:

Kelly and Grace

Chief of Complaints and Wandering Away:



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24 thoughts on “You Asked for It: “(I’m Not Your) Live-In Maid”

    1. Thanks so much! We just used our regular ol’ camcorder. Nothing special. I recorded my vocals using our webcam. Then I put the whole thing together using Windows Movie Maker. Hence, the crappy quality of everything. But that’s what I got to work with 🙂 I actually had multiple problems with WMM this time around that took days to sort out. My husband said that if I keep these videos up, we should probably invest in some real video software. I can only dream!


  1. Had me laughing out loud. You’re right you sing like my husband but honestly your dance moves are amazing! I can’t quit laughing at the Little Dude eating licking playing the keyboard. What until I show my Alexis this one. I have I I I I’m not your stepping stone going through my head like I have been brain washed. Who ever doesn’t know this song was born under a rock. I married my guy because he looked like Davy Jones. He just can’t sing like him.Sigh


    1. Oh, bless you for not patronizing me! …And you should see my Michael Jackson dance moves 🙂 …And you’re welcome for putting “Steppin’ Stone” in your head…because it is one of the greatest songs of all time. …And I remember that you said your Hungarian Work Horse looked like Davy. I am jealous. Deeply.


  2. Ok, very funny! I really admire your courage; I could n/ever have done that, not for fame fortune or a even star system named after me, and those last a long time. hahahahha. Your house must be so much fun!! I’m glad that you’ve hit your required number of followers, and glad to be one of them. Thanks for making me laugh again today. Was just laughing a lot with my dad over that silly post I did that is almost always about him and the things he’s said or done over the years. We both laughed until we cried.
    Isn’t family just precious? Your kids and husband did a bang-up job. I loved the pillow smacking parts the best, not sure why. Maybe because we are pretty dusty w/ fur around here……hum!
    Cheers to you and keep up the funny bone stuff!


    1. Thanks you for the nice compliments! My house is only fun when we make music videos 🙂 And I obviously have no problem completely embarrassing myself. I think I spent so much of my childhood being self-conscious that I used up all of my ability to care if people thought I was weird.


      1. Well that’s what I love about you, that you don’t care what people think. Once you’ve gotten there, life is so freeing, dontcha think?
        Thanks for being the real you!


      2. Well, I might care a *little* bit…I just don’t care if weird is one of the things people think about me. But yes, it is freeing to feel comfortable with yourself. And to be fair, it’s easier to do that via a blog than in reality sometimes.


  3. This is an incredible feat of videography (is that a word?) and I am terribly impressed! The last video I spent any time crafting involved barbie dolls, a spray bottle and a family plant. (She was in a hurricane, of course.) 4 gold stars for you and all your adorable family cohorts:)


  4. We loved it, so fun! My kids think our friends are famous 🙂 And for the record I totally new that song…


  5. Incredible! I DIED at the part when you brought the laundry into your daughter’s room and then she just threw it around for the hay of it. I may or may not have done that a few times when I was a kid ;D


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