Coming Out of the Closet, Nose First

I am not a big fan of my nose, which is probably why I am a closeted nosy person.

By nature, I am nosy. I like knowing what is going on with people. I love getting some good scoop. I am happy to quickly agree to keep information “just between you and me” in exchange for some highly classified gossip. The problem is, I just really suck at being nosy to get this information in the first place.

gossiping ladiesYou could call it a struggle between the angel and devil on my shoulders. You could applaud me for resisting the temptation to pry in favor of taking the high road. But the honest truth is that I am hardly ever “in the know” because I am usually either plain old forgetful or just plain chicken. In most situations, I will decline snooping into someone’s business because I am deathly afraid of offending people, or I worry that I don’t have the correct social graces to properly react to whatever salacious answer I might get. In other cases, I simply forget to ask how someone’s mom is doing or how the job hunt is going…not because I don’t care, but because those questions are not written down in my planner, which is the only way I remember anything.

But my lack of snooping skills doesn’t keep me from wondering. So now that I am thinking of it, I would like to take this opportunity to be nosy.

Who are YOU?? 

I am often curious about my readers, especially as I have been slowly gaining new followers. Some of you I know personally (hi, mom!); some of you I have gotten to know through interactions in the comments section or by reading your blogs. But most of you are simply known to me as “the number of views” on my stats page or the “number of Facebook shares” at the bottom of each post. I would like to know a little about you.

Where are you from? Do you have kids? What do you do for a living? Do you also blog? What is an interesting fact about you? Do you share my affinity for random references to the 80’s or early 90’s? Do you have any parenting tips that work really well for you? Do you know of any cool books I might like to read? Are you interested in forming a support group for women who were unsuspecting victims of a Chuck E. Cheese pick up line?

So let’s dish. I promise to keep it between you and me…and anyone else who happens to read this blog. I’m really hoping I come to have at least 298 comments on this post, as that is the exact number of followers I have to date. And now that we know each other a little, I would love you even more than I already do for even reading my blog if you would take a minute or so to share my blog. 298 followers is really just begging to be 300. I will even sweeten the deal: if I can get at least 22 new followers (bringing the total to a nice round 320) in the next week between email subscriptions, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and WordPress, I will begin working on a new original music video as a follow-up to “My Van Is Stacked” for your viewing pleasure. I have no idea what will result from it, but I can promise my kids will again bring their smooth moves to the project.

I have been hogging the conversation for way too long. Please, tell me more about you. And remember…the bigger this party becomes, the more of this you have to look forward to:

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29 thoughts on “Coming Out of the Closet, Nose First

  1. I can’t wait for the sequel to My Van is Stacked. I think that it should be required reading before the purchase of a van.


  2. Well, let’s see, you know me “in real life…” I love your references to 80s and 90s culture, and would laugh even if I didn’t really know you. Never really had a creepy experience with Chuck E Cheese, but I feel for ya!


  3. Well, do you really want to know anything more about me? I’ve known you and loved you before you were born. You made me an Aunt for the first time! And I am or Uncle Mike are responsible for introducing you to some new vocabulary like “Scum Bags”, etc. In your early days! 🙂 I love reading your blog and look forward to each new posting! Hope you will get lucky and get those 22 new people!


  4. Hello, my name is Maggie Singleton and I have faithfully read and shared areyoufinishedyet since, well, its inception! I was quite honored to even earn a highly-coveted guest blogger spot on this fine blog. You make me laugh, contemplate, and most importantly, realize how blessed I am to live a life as a work-at-home mom of three kiddos (with a hubby than’s not so shabby himself… just ask the fish on his bicycle)!


    1. My blogging support system! And brilliant author of the post “How to Care for Your Enginerd” AND this really super awesome breastfeeding book called “Milk Diaries”…available on Amazon 🙂


  5. Haha first time I’ve seen that vid. Clever, funny lady!
    I go by the nickname Kez in real life and blog life. My favourite asset is my (not always PC) sense of humour. I like potatoes too much to be a skinny person. My Little Mister is entering the Terrible Twos 6 months early and I secretly want to laugh when I’m telling him off.
    I love blogging (duh). I really appreciate you being one of my readers and I enjoy being yours.


    1. Thanks! Your blog is probably one of the first ones I started reading regularly! And unfortunately no one has told you…it’s really the Three’s you have to look out for. They are horrendous. I’m not trying to scare you, but seriously, enjoy the Terrible Two’s. And start battening down the hatches now…and stockpiling potatoes and chocolate. You’re gonna need comfort food for your stress eating. The good news is, I’ve survived parenting two children through the Terrifying Three’s. I have faith in you.


        1. It is their God-given defense mechanism. The good thing is that as hard as age three can be, it is also a GOLDMINE of hysterical comments. And the blog material will be abundant 🙂


  6. I too read faithfully but hardly comment because I am too busy laughing. I loved the van video and hope to see the sequel. I showed the first one to Alexis my granddaughter and we got our groove on with a video of our own, but it was nothing as creative as yours. Keep on writing you are very good.


    1. That is the best reason not to comment! I love it! And I love that you made a video! Whether you post it or not, what a fun memory to have with your granddaughter! I always love reading about what wonderful relationships you have with your grandkids!


  7. I think I know you through Emily. I am one of her extra mothers. I think she will give me a good reference. Also there is NOTHING. NOTHING you can think of relating to a van that hasn’t already happened to me. Or that my children didn’t do when they were teenagers. And I lived through it all. Now I am out on the “other side”.


    1. Welcome, one of Emily’s extra mothers! You have obviously done a brilliant job raising her. I think she has single-handedly introduced me to more great blogs than even WordPress Freshly Pressed. And now I am extremely curious to know all of these van stories. All of them. I also see that you will be a very valuable resource to me. You might have to talk me down off the blog ledge as my oldest begins entering the preteen years. So please stick around 🙂 Thanks for your comment!


      1. Um.. Emily may have been involved in some van stories in her teenaged days. You don’t always learn the stories until they are well out of your house. Maybe she and my daughter will share some!


  8. Well, you already know me. We’re Black River buddies and our families have been friends forever, so us, too, by osmosis (if it works that way). I’m from southern Indiana and it’s just easier to say I’m retired. Your parenting tips would far outweigh any of mine. I’m just glad my kids survived to adulthood and they have enough of their dad in them to counteract the me that’s in them. I currently have two blogs but neither are currently current [although I added a longer version of this response on my personal blog, just because]. I worked in a library, so I have a drawer full of lists of books I can’t wait to read. I think it’s very hard to make a book suggestion even if you know a person very well. I have made over 6,000 entries on and give cemetery tours.


    1. You know Beth, I have a post about BRL on here from last June or July. I think you would get a kick out of it. And you should share your blog addresses! I think you did a pretty good job with your kids, and they would be equally as lucky to be like you!


  9. I read your blog because in my head I’m totally as funny as you, but in reality…well, I’m just not. I’m not an official follower, but maybe I’ll consider it just to see a sequel to your awesome video!!


    1. Do it! Do it! There is a follow button on the home page that will send new posts to your inbox. Or you can like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. And I am sure you are funnier than you think. I am pretty sure I am not as funny in real life as I am behind the keyboard. And even then, my kids provide much of the comic relief 🙂 Thanks for your comment, Tori!


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