I Need Two By Tuesday

Okay…in my last post I promised that if I got to 320 followers by next week, I would make a sequel video to “My Van Is Stacked.”

Well….I am just TWO FOLLOWERS SHORT!!!!!!

My husband is hoping I don’t make it, as he isn’t looking forward to the pretty ridiculous amount of time I spent making the last video. But come on, people…just two more!!!

I have been floating around some ideas, some songs, some dance moves. It might just end up being spectacular. At the very least, you can witness a YouTube catastrophe and add one more notation in the ways your are likely cooler than me.

It can happen via Facebook. It can happen via Twitter. It can happen via the “Send Me to Your Inbox” button on the home page. It can happen via WordPress. It just needs to happen. Twice. By Tuesday.

I’ll be on the edge of my seat until then.

P.S. Thanks for sharing my blog. Even if the only reason you do is because of bribery.

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