Always Check Your Junk Mail Folder

They say you may miss opportunities if you don’t look for them. They say that don’t they? I’m pretty sure they do. If not, they should.

crazy-japanese-inventions-16Sometimes opportunities fall in your lap, like when you’re debating whether you should go to that all-weekend music festival, because last time they ran out of toilet paper, and ew. But then your old college roommate happens to post a link on Facebook, making fun of this mobile toilet paper invention just as you are about to tell your friend Wren you’re going to have to skip Lolla-Roo-Aid-palooza this year. And you post your “Lol. Is that for real?” comment, but then think to yourself, Music festival, here I come. Opportunity totally came knocking at your door.

Most of the time, however, you need to seek out the opportunities. And by seek out, I mean check your junk mail folder. Because that is exactly where I happened upon this little email:

Dear Kelly,

You are the most amazing writer we have ever come across. I’m not sure how we haven’t noticed you sooner, but we would be honored to run your piece on our site, if that is okay with you.


The Huffington Post (like, all of us. Even Ariana.) 

Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly what the email said. But I did not lie about the part where the Huffington Post wanted to run my piece. That part was totally true. And to prove it…here is the FREAKING HUFFINGTON POST RUNNING SOMETHING I WROTE:HUFFPO

You can visit my article, called The Myth Is Over, But the Magic Remains, HERE. And I would love for you to leave me a comment over there in yonder comment section…you know, so those folks over at HuffPo don’t think they made a mistake taking a chance on a girl who once willingly went to a Michael Bolton concert.

Obviously, I am beyond excited to have achieved this Holy Grail of blogging, and I am immensely grateful to the HuffPo Parents team, especially during this week when we are all more mindful of our blessings. But what I really hope the big takeaway from all of this is…

…check your junk mail folder.

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23 thoughts on “Always Check Your Junk Mail Folder

  1. Congratulations to you for your success and for checking your junk mail folder. Facebook has an “other” folder. Since I’ve found out about it (who knew it was there?! & Why?!) I tell everyone to check theirs. When I checked mine, there were messages from my adoptive childrens’ biological parents! Not a can of worms I intend to open at this point, but I printed the sentiments out and will share with the kids when the time is right. People! Check Your Junk Mail Folder & your Other Folder!


  2. I’m really glad you offered this advice. I just checked my junk mail and low and behold: not one, but two offers make big money using my bank account as a safe haven for large inheritances due to a couple of Nigerian Princes/Ambassadors/Banking Magnates. I’m gonna be rich! You are Awesome!
    BTW, congrats on your success.


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