Remember the Time…We Went to Our First Concert

For those of you new to this blog, let me introduce you to the Remember the Time Blog Hop. You may have noticed our nifty little badge on the sidebar of my home page. Every week I team up with Emily of The Waiting, and we choose a nostalgic theme for bloggers to write about. Each Monday we announce the new topic, and each Thursday we post our pieces along with an opportunity for everyone else to link up. Then we all read each others’ stories from back in the day, laughing ensues, and we all come away feeling better about our current hairstyles. I do hope you will join us!

You can steal me and use me as your own
You can steal me and use me as your own

This week our topic is FIRST CONCERTS! Share your stories about the first band you ever saw live. Did you scream and faint at the sight of New Kids on the Block? Did you try to get backstage at a Bon Jovi concert? Were you the only guy to ever attend Lilith Fair? Did Belding catch you skipping school to buy U2 tickets?…or was that the one where Zack finds $5000 at the mall and wants to buy up all the U2 tickets, then scalp them for a profit, but ends up getting chased by mobsters who really end up being actors from a hidden camera show? Ah, yes. And the old steel trap brain does it again.

saved by the bell conert tickets
Zack has a plan? Shocking.

So ANYWAY, get those blog posts going and check back here or at The Waiting on Thursday to link up with us!

(P.S. Thanks to everyone who took part in last week’s blog hop. I think we may have broken a record with the number of bloggers who joined us. Let’s see if we can beat it this week!)

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2 thoughts on “Remember the Time…We Went to Our First Concert

  1. I would have loved to participate but I have never been to a concert.
    I am twenty one.
    Cultural events, yes, concerts, none.


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