I Was Big-Time Happy to Make You A Little Sad

I’m feeling very wrinkle-free. Being Freshly Pressed will do that to a girl.

So that thing all WordPress bloggers wish would happen to them but never really think is going to happen to them…because, you know, needle in a haystack…actually happened to me.

All this time, I’ve been trying to be funny, when what I really needed to be doing was writing pieces that result in those headaches you get from trying to hold in sobs. Apparently, people like me in my sullen and depressed state. Okay then,…but I would advise you not to get me drunk. I’m a REALLY happy drunk. Who loves everyone. Except Guy Fieri. I effin’ hate Guy Fieri when I’m drunk. Just kidding. I even love Guy Fieri. He’s the pied piper of all the foods you want to nom-nom when you’re wasted.

guy fieri
Slamma Jamma! This blog is better than a bacon rodeo in Flavortown.

It is a beautiful thing to find you resonate with people. “I’m Afraid I May Have Wished It All Away” was mostly a cathartic way for me to deal with a real sadness I was feeling. I often find tiny jewels of perspective on my parenting when I blog, and I needed to write that one…for myself. And I will be totally and completely honest: I felt really jazzed about it when it was finished. I was proud to hit the “publish” button. And I had a good feeling it would be well received by my small and loyal band of readers (hi mom!). But when my words started traveling to far and distant blogs and Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and email addresses, and people responded to them positively, I felt like how Tom Hanks must feel everyday. I mean, seriously, who hates Tom Hanks? Practically no one. I think loving Tom Hanks is an evolutionary trait meant to keep the entertainment industry alive. Dude’s got his hands in everything. Think about it. If enough people felt about Tom Hanks as they do about Nicolas Cage, movies and television would practically cease to exist because we’d all be like, “I thought about seeing Apollo 13, but he’s so annoying I think I would start rooting for Houston to NOT solve that whole problem.” And Bosom Buddies would have ended up being the launching pad for Peter Scolari to play Forrest Gump. Peter who? Exactly.

So thank you to everyone who read, commented, shared, and liked my post, “I’m Afraid I May Have Wished It All Away.” Knowing I wasn’t alone in that momentary sadness was one thing, but hearing that I served as a reminder to so many people to take the time to be more present every now and again did my heart good. Because no matter how tired or clichéd or overstated the message is, I can’t help but think of all the extra moments spent with children, all the new little memories imprinted in the brains of parents, and all the silent prayers of gratitude said that may not have been had I kept my sadness to myself, and had that sadness not been shared with more people than I could have imagined.

And a very warm welcome to all you new followers. I hope you stick around. There is usually a lot less crying up in here.

Now if you will excuse me, I have been completely ignoring my own kids for the last four days responding to all my Freshly Pressed comments about how everyone else is taking the time to enjoy their own children. Doh! That isn’t as bad as the married televangelist sleeping with a call girl thing, is it?

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20 thoughts on “I Was Big-Time Happy to Make You A Little Sad

    1. Your comment literally just made me think of something I should have added to my post about him, so I seriously just went back and edited it in. You’re like that English teacher who helps you turn your B+ paper into an A-. Thanks!


  1. I laughed at you again my friend. I know we have never met but I feel like I know you. You so remind me of myself when I was raising my kids with Hungarian Work Horse by my side. I love stopping here for a few minutes and looking at your mind working. Congrats on your moment of fame and know a lot of us think this should be a weekly thing for you. Blessings. Now go play with your kids.


    1. You are the sweetest. Thank you so much for words, your support, and your encouragement. And I know what you mean…blog friendship are fun. I love getting to know people I wouldn’t otherwise be able to know! Thanks for hanging around my little corner of the world.


  2. Congrats on your Freshly Pressed success. What a day that must’ve been! I came to you thanks to FP, but I intend to stick around for a while. I poked around your blog and liked what I saw (read)!


    1. Thank you! ….So then, you are the “practically” part of the statements, “Who doesn’t love Tom Hanks? Practically no one. 🙂 As long as you don’t worship Nicolas Cage, I can be okay with that.


  3. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! What a wonderful surprise it must have been! I was honoured to be Freshly Pressed once too and it really inspired me – it feels so great to be recognised out of nowhere for your humble thoughts 🙂
    Well deserved x


  4. Freshly pressed congratulations!
    Who knew a little sadness expressed truthfully could lead to joy later?
    So happy for you!


  5. What I like about Guy Fieri is food. This girl likes to eat!

    And here’s a little secret: I had a short-lived crush on Peter Scolari.

    Take that Mr. Hanks!


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