Sharing is Caring

At the very moment I sat down to write this blog, my kids started fighting over their keyboard. So we had our two millionth lesson about sharing. I am obviously doing something wrong here. The “experts” are always yapping about how effective it is for parents to model good behaviors for their children. So instead of sneakily retreating to my room, closing my door, hoarding the last of the Cheez-Its, and pretending to put away laundry, I am going to model the desired behavior and share. Not once, but twice.

The first thing I would like to share is a piece by Jerry Mahoney, who is the mastermind behind the blog Mommy Man: The Adventures of a Gay Superdad. All parents find themselves completely unprepared at one point or another when their children drop one of those atomic bomb questions that we haven’t yet thought about how to answer. Jerry, thankfully, is there to help a straight parent out if and when your child becomes curious about gay parents (which he or she will inevitably encounter in today’s society). His advice packs a punch of good old common sense, and helps parents use the right kind of language to encourage acceptance, tolerance, and a whole lot of “everyone is different and that’s okay.” Plus, he references Brainy Smurf, so you know it has to be good. Check out his post, “How To Talk to Your Children About Gay Parents, By a Gay Parent.” While you are there, stick around. He has a lot of other great stuff about just being a parent…gay or otherwise.

Now if I could just find a piece called, “How to Talk to Your Children About Not Picking Their Noses and Eating Their Boogers, By a Reformed Nose Picker Who Ate His Boogers.”

The second thing I want to share is this:

banana slicer


Okay, I just realized this was maybe not the best picture to have in the same post as one that talks about gay parents, but stay with me here. This is the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer, available on Amazon. Yes, it is a completely ridiculous uni-tasker (as Alton Brown of Food Network would call it), and a bit funny simply by its mere existence. But a friend of mine posted the link to this on his Facebook page instructing everyone to read the reviews. So I did. Hi.Lar.I.Ous. My husband and I were actually in tears from laughing so hard, starting off with the review, “No More Winning for You, Mr. Banana!” This is literally the best thing that has ever been on Amazon. So do yourself a favor, and go read a few of the 3,101 reviews (yes, seriously) of a banana slicer. I dare you not to at least crack a smile.

See, kids. When you share, everyone is happy.

7 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring

  1. First of all, you are way too good to me. Now you’re offering me tech support AND publicity? You rock. Second of all, it’s funny you mention nose picking because I took my kids to the dentist this morning and my daughter, who never picks her nose, started doing it right in the chair. I wouldn’t normally make a big deal about it, but I felt like I had to so the dentist wouldn’t think I was weird. OK, I’m off to check banana slicer reviews!


    1. Well, I am just a naturally fantastic and generous person. Seriously though, I meant it when I said your piece deserved to be shared. So I shared it here in my little corner of the blogging world. Parents have a hard enough time coming up with answers off the cuff on a daily basis. Good advice is always worth passing along…and if I can help contribute to a new generation of more loving and tolerate people for my kids to live in by simply posting a link, done deal. And yeah…nose picking. My son does it all the time. Usually I look the other way. It builds the immune system, right? But I have started noticing how often he does it in public. Some things are just meant to be done behind closed doors.


  2. Must I always defend the banana slicer? Sigh. Yes, they are ridiculous for adults, but they are marvelous for three-year olds, who love to be independent and can’t be trusted with a knife…at least my couldn’t! We had one in each of the classrooms at the Montessori preschool where I taught. That said, I love the review from the person whose bananas were all “bent the other way.”


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