Oh My Gosh. I Thought You Were Dead.

Or rather, you thought I was dead. Or maybe you were just uncertain of my fate, much like that of dear-God-he-better-still-be-alive Glenn on The Walking Dead.

glenn walking dead
“Please don’t leave me like Edgar on 24.”
Steven Yeun 2013 by Dudek1337. CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons – 

It has been almost three months since my last post. I don’t remember the last time I abandoned took a break from the blog for that long. There are a lot of reasons I have been absent, most of which are dreadfully boring (like binge-watching period pieces on Netflix where characters use phrases like “dreadfully boring.”) The only one you might likely care about is:

I have been working on a NEW, IMPROVED, FANCY PANTS website for Are You Finished Yet!!!

For those of you who are familiar with web-type jargon and such, I’m basically just moving this blog to a self-hosted site on WordPress.org. For the rest of you who just read that last sentence and found it “dreadfully boring,” all you really need to know is that nothing much will change. Except the infinite awesomeness of Are You Finished Yet? will just get INFINITE + 1 AWESOMER. I’m talking a jazzier look along with bells and whistles that will improve your viewing experience. Oh yeah, and Michael Bolton may pop in every now and again. For reals.

The big question: do you have to do anything? NOPE. I will be transferring all my lovely followers to the new site soon. Those of you who have signed up for email updates should still get posts sent directly to your inbox. Fellow WordPress bloggers will still get posts in your WP readers (though if you’ve elected to receive email notifications there, that won’t transfer. But no worries. You can sign up for email alerts on the new site). The site will still be found at AreYouFinishedYet.com. And of course, you can always catch me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I’m hoping to get something new out to you all next week. I’m excited to debut the new site then!

In the meantime, HOW HAVE YOU BEEN? It’s been too long, friends. Tell me something fun, and I’ll see you at the fancy pants place next week!