The #NoFilter Christmas Medley: A Music Video for the Season

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#NoFilter. It is a trend that has been upon us for some time; a pushback against the photoshopped-perfect culture and Instagram-filtered memories that inundate the media – social and otherwise. And while I am a self-professed accidental “trend-killer,” my appreciation for the intention behind this movement has led me to risk bringing it to a screeching halt in order to take part and apply it to this holiday season.

What if, I thought, the spice-scented, soft glow filter of eggnog-tipsy merriment was removed from all those beloved Christmas songs we cherish this time of year? What if we sang about real life gearing up for the holidays?

So sit back, grab a candy cane, and enjoy the latest Are You Finished Yet? Production:

“The #NoFilter Christmas Medley”

(*Featuring debut singing performances from BOTH of my kids. You can check out my other music videos HERE.)


Special thanks go to my daughter’s friends, Eva, Mia, and Nola, who not only made cameos, but also spent most of their Sunday helping us out as camerawomen, sound girls, and assistant directors (and thanks to their parents for loaning them to us for the day!). I also want to give a shout-out to my friends Dan and Cindy…Dan, for lending us his Santa costume, and Cindy, for going out of her way to express deliver it to me.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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8 Responses

  1. Natalese

    Well done, as usual Suellentrops! Congrats to Grace and Michael on their debuts. When is Scout’s singing debut coming?

    • Kelly Suellentrop

      Scout is a little camera shy. Or she just doesn’t doesn’t give a crap. I can tell which it is. Either way, I don’t see a Scout solo in the future.

  2. korisa

    Oh wow, that was AWESOME! Well done, Kelly and crew, well done! Hilarious, and oh so true!

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