10 Signs You’ve Become a Road Trip Family

Summer is coming to a close. Like many families, we did our fair share of traveling by way of road trip. Whether we were spanning multiple states or just visiting a neighboring town for a quick getaway, a sort of kinship has developed between us and the paved pathways that decorate our great land. Now, when I hear Willie Nelson’s, “On the Road Again,” I think to myself, “I feel ya, bro. Like a band of gypsies…”

On one of these voyages, I realized we have become a “road trip family.” The following truths make us Griswold-certified:

road trip family vacation

  1. We no longer think 12 cup holders in our minivan is excessive.
  2. Our bladders perk up when my husband suddenly commands, “Okay Google. Launch Gas Buddy app.” Bathroom break, ho!
  3. My kids stopped asking, “What state are we in?” and learned to just take a quick survey of surrounding license plates for the most prevalent one.
  4. We know names of radio DJs in neighboring states.
  5. Traveling first class means we vacuumed out the car beforehand. And hung an air freshener from the rearview mirror.
  6. I take inevitable traffic delays into consideration when figuring out exactly how many movies I should download or rent from the library prior to the trip.
  7. We refer to a destination 3 hours away as “a quick jaunt.”
  8. Our kids can tell the difference between soybean, corn, wheat, and alfalfa crops without ever having stepped foot on a farm.
  9. Dramamine is a regular item on my Target list.
  10. Whenever we pass a semi on the road, our son points to the driver in the cab and says, “Look! It’s future me!” So much for banking on him becoming an orthodontist.

The family that road trips together, stays together. Besides, doesn’t it make sense that our kids should EARN their vacation, damn it? No quick jet-set to the beach, kids. Holding your pee builds character.

But please stage an intervention if you see that we’ve traded in our minivan for an RV.


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    • Kelly Suellentrop

      Well, with Texas, the answer is probably usually “yes.” It’s so dang big!!! Funny story though…when we took a road trip to Indianapolis over Spring break, we had just literally pulled out of our neighborhood when my youngest said, “Are we still in Missouri?” My husband and I looked at each other like, “This is going to be a long trip.”

    • Kelly Suellentrop

      Just a week or so before he said that about being a truck driver, he seriously talked about being an orthodontist. And I thought, “I can get behind this”…probably because my oldest just got braces, so I know how much money we are shelling out to our ortho!

  1. Rachel Strausbaugh

    I can’t wait for this! We just did a trip from FL to Atlanta, GA with our 6-month-old and it was hellish! I know it won’t get “easier”, but I’m really excited for her to be a little more tolerant in the car so we can do road trips.

  2. Surfingandsequins

    Loved this! We live in such an awesome spot that we don’t road trip during summers but it’s on my list to do more this fall(of course keeping football and hockey games in mind). I’d love to hear more about how you stopped the in car fighting and “are we there yet?’s”

    • Kelly Suellentrop

      Thank you! And I’m afraid I don’t have any magic strategies. It’s simply called, “they get older.” Road trips are a whole new experience as the kids age!

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