Guess Where I Am Today?

Guess where I am today? Well, technically I am where I am just about every day. Home. But virtually, I’m all over the place.

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you my writing would be appearing in some kind of big places in the near future, but I wouldn’t tell you where? Well, I know you have all been on pins and needles since. So today is the day I relieve your suspense. And you get a two-for-one deal, because unbeknownst to me, BOTH places are featuring my articles on the very same day!

First, I am very excited to have a feature on the one and only Scary Mommy! After the Huffington Post, Scary Mommy is probably the second most frequently shared blog site I see in my Facebook newsfeed. So that’s pretty cool. For those of you who already receive daily emails and Facebook notifications from Scary Mommy, keep a look out for my post on the first-time mom freak out. Or you can just click HERE: Scary Mommy Feature!

(And speaking of Scary Mommy, they have a wonderful Thanksgiving Project going on right now. Check it out!)

Second, I am very honored to have not one, but two featured articles in a Mom and Baby E-Guide released by the website Parent Tested-Parent Approved. They work with some pretty big clients, such as Hasbro, Pampers, and Disney Interactive, to bring parents reliable reviews and seals of approval on products they can trust. And they’ve been on the Steve Harvey Show, y’all. Their e-guide is aimed at giving moms of little ones some advice and even a few laughs. It features an article about potty training, called “When All Else Fails,”” I wrote specifically for the e-guide (on page 22). In addition, I was thrilled that they also chose one of my favorite posts, “I’m Afraid I May Have Wished It All Away,” as their closing story (on page 30 – it is a condensed version of the post, in order to fit within their publication parameters).

Please visit the Parent Tested-Parent Approved Mom and Baby E-Guide here, and pass it along to any mothers who you think would enjoy it! There is a lot of really great information and reviews in there as well.

Whew! I’ve been sitting on that exciting news for awhile. It feels good to get it out there. Now I’m going to go rest on my laurels and watch this week’s American Horror Story…which is much less scary that toilet training.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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39 thoughts on “Guess Where I Am Today?

  1. Congrats!!! 🙂
    I really love your piece on potty training. Resonates with me at the moment – it made me feel better, even though no mummy wants to hear that she should wait until her child chooses…but I suspect it’s very true.


    1. Thanks!! It’s the worst isn’t it? But learning that the hard way the first time around helped it to be a little less stressful the second time. But really, I think it’s just going to kind of suck no matter what. Hang in there!


  2. Congrats girlfriend!!! I actually had time today to read both of your articles full of awesomeness! Now that’s an accomplishment (for you! And for me, to sit and read them right away! Ha!) Way to go! Woohooo! J

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