How Real Love Stories Go: The “Listen To Your Mother” Video

You know that somewhat jarring feeling when you see a radio DJ for the first time, and he or she looks nothing like what you thought? Well, for those of you who only know me from my words on a screen, get ready to say, “Huh. That’s not how I imagined her at all.”

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I am incredibly excited to share the video from my Listen To Your Mother St. Louis performance that happened this past Mother’s Day weekend. My piece is called “How Real Love Stories Go,” about how a minivan turns out to be the perfect setting for a real life love story.

The highest compliment I could have ever gotten about this piece came from my very talented fellow St. Louis cast member, LaQuetta Ruston, who said:

“Your amazing story completely changed how I think of my kids & slowing down in life to enjoy them!”

After you watch my story, please check out not only the others from the St. Louis show, but those from 35 cities across the country. It is a true video tapestry of the beauty of motherhood.

If you still have a craving to actually read something, head over to Scary Mommy where I’m talking about who should not have any guilt over a less-than-immaculate abode in a brand new post, “Who Gets a Messy House Pass?”

Later gators!


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9 thoughts on “How Real Love Stories Go: The “Listen To Your Mother” Video

  1. I love the message in your story, a message about appreciating each moment, about putting an annoying situation into perspective, a message about love. I’ve had moments just like this one. But do you know what I really love about this? I’m so glad I’m not the only parent whose kids don’t stop fighting when you ask them to. Part of me has always wanted to be like my parents who could just give me a look and I’d shape right up out of fear of what would happen to me if I didn’t. I’ve been bothered by the fact that my kids have no fear of me. Watching your video made me see how backwards I’ve had it. Why on earth would I want my kids to fear me? I’m suddenly so grateful that they know they can work our their relationship and express themselves without the fear of love being withdrawn or of a painful physical consequence. Your love story has taken on a bigger meaning for me. They may ignore me sometimes but it’s because they know they’re safe with me. ❤


    1. Oh Karen, you just made me misty and gave me a whole new perspective on this. I LOVE when that happens…when someone else gets something out of my writing that I didn’t even realize myself. I have felt that same way, wondering what I have done wrong to make my kids not fear me…to have the nerve not to listen to me. But you make such a good point. There’s a balance between it all.

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  2. This made me tear up and I loved hearing your voice. A beautiful piece and reminder how lucky we are. Now matter how weary, tired, and spent we are! I want to share this!!


  3. Awesome!! Coming from India where there is no such things as Child Helpline and “fearing your parents” is a sign of respect….i found it very difficult to mother my daughter like the way i felt…..loads of judgement and sarcasm from those around…about how if your child doesnt fear you now…you are gonna spoil her…
    and yet…i knew that im doing what is my instinct and mom instinct is usually right!
    Loved ur video!


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