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The Google Search History of a 6-Year-Old Boy

I’d like to kiss the person who invented internet parental controls. Raising kids in this digital age usually terrifies me. The moment my tween daughter first asked me for her own iPhone without the slightest hint of joking in her … Continued

Listen To Your Mother…Or Me. Either One.

Eat your vegetables. Put on a coat. Tie your shoes. If you don’t clean up this hell-hole-hurricane-disaster-zone-stinking-landfill-of-a-room, I will clean it for you…and give all your earthly possessions to homeless Brazilian Pygmies who don’t have bedazzled password journals. I think … Continued

3 Tips for Getting Kids To Eat Healthy (Hint: They All Involve Deception)

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When it comes to eating healthy, kids talk a big talk. But they usually walk the walk that leads them straight to the sugar high. Case in point: I was recently at an elementary school reading my book, Absolute Mayhem, … Continued

The Lactation Consultant from the Black Lagoon

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There is nothing quite like breastfeeding to make a new mom feel like a complete failure at the most important job she will ever have. Scratch that. There is something else: a lactation consultant. Now before anyone objects, let me … Continued

The Kids Have Spoken: #ilovemymayhem

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Since the beginning of January, I have been touring elementary schools, reading Absolute Mayhem to the students. Guys, if I thought I loved being a children’s author before, these visits have made me 100% certain this is exactly the path … Continued

I Have Become Dora the Explorer: Help Me Please

There are many people in this world I have tried to emulate, but I never thought Dora the Explorer would be one of them. Yet, that is exactly who I am about to channel, at the risk of sending half … Continued

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