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The #NoFilter Christmas Medley: A Music Video for the Season

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#NoFilter. It is a trend that has been upon us for some time; a pushback against the photoshopped-perfect culture and Instagram-filtered memories that inundate the media – social and otherwise. And while I am a self-professed accidental “trend-killer,” my appreciation … Continued

What I Learned In My First Year of Being a Published Author

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Occupation: Author Today it has been one year. A whole year of being able to answer the question, “What do you do for a living?” with the answer, “I’m a children’s author.” To be honest, I still feel a little funny … Continued

Drive-Thru Kindness: Now Serving Extra Value Compassion

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“That will be $5.66. Please pull around to the first window.” I slowly coax my van forward in the pouring rain, fumbling in my purse to find cash. As the car moves, I instinctively turn the radio back up to … Continued

“Difficult” Is Not a Synonym for “Traumatic”

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Traumatize /ˈtrouməˌtīz,ˈtrôməˌtīz/ (verb): subject to lasting shock as a result of an emotionally disturbing experience or physical injury. Last week, the TODAY Parenting Team featured an article I wrote called “A Tale of Two Kindergarteners,” as part of their community series … Continued

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