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Fluid: The Mirage of Beginnings and Endings

Despite what their names suggest, beginnings and endings are fluid. Nothing ever really begins…or ends. Today has been a bit of a landmine of emotion. My grandma turns 87, just two days after being put on hospice. The symbols of … Continued

When Social Media Doesn’t Feel So Social

Truth time: I have been avoiding you all. I normally sit down on Monday mornings, tap-tap-tapping away at my keys, crafting a new blog post as my cup of tea and bowl of oatmeal turn into a lemon-lime sparkling water … Continued

The Mother’s Day Hierarchy

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Mother’s Day. I recall being a kid and feeling a little jealous that moms got their very own holiday (because kids are too dumb to realize the national children’s holiday is just called “Life.”) I wanted to be a part of … Continued

Hey, I Just Bought An Area Rug…And Other Stuff

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You know how sometimes you call up a friend just to say hey? Well, that’s kind of all this is. Hey! I didn’t get a real blog post written this week because I spent too much time binge watching Unbreakable … Continued

The Google Search History of a 6-Year-Old Boy

I’d like to kiss the person who invented internet parental controls. Raising kids in this digital age usually terrifies me. The moment my tween daughter first asked me for her own iPhone without the slightest hint of joking in her … Continued

Listen To Your Mother…Or Me. Either One.

Eat your vegetables. Put on a coat. Tie your shoes. If you don’t clean up this hell-hole-hurricane-disaster-zone-stinking-landfill-of-a-room, I will clean it for you…and give all your earthly possessions to homeless Brazilian Pygmies who don’t have bedazzled password journals. I think … Continued

3 Tips for Getting Kids To Eat Healthy (Hint: They All Involve Deception)

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When it comes to eating healthy, kids talk a big talk. But they usually walk the walk that leads them straight to the sugar high. Case in point: I was recently at an elementary school reading my book, Absolute Mayhem, … Continued

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