The Superhero Keg Party: A Battle for Superiority

Like many mothers of small boys, I am often asked to play superheroes. My son Michael has loved to engage me in this activity for a while now, ever since receiving a Batcave a few Christmases ago. As a five-year-old, he has come to act out the traditional superhero versus villain role plays, but when we first started our imaginary scenarios in the Batcave, he always simply wanted to “have a party.” All the superheroes were invited, including the multiple versions of Batman he owned, which he logically named Dad Batman, Mom Batman, Sister Batman, Brother Batman, and Other Brother Batman. The parties sometimes included the villains, and usually also sent out invites to various other toys, such as Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys, and so on. And do you know what everyone typically did at these well-attended Batcave parties? Ate spaghetti and danced.

It was incredibly boring.

During those Batcave party days, I often wondered what a real superhero party would look like. I could only assume that, considering how hard these folks worked saving the universe and all, they would party at least equally as hard. And their shenanigans would not likely involve eating spaghetti. At least not sober. Naturally, my mind also wondered which superheroes (and villains) I would want on my invite list.

Thankfully, The Matticus Kingdom recently threw down a tug-of-war challenge asking bloggers to argue which superheroes and villains are superior: Marvel or DC? And this finally gave me a reason to fully explore how a superhero kegger would go down. I am going to firmly claim DC on this one, and I will let the ways in which each side conducts themselves at the Batcave Party illustrate why:green lantern spiderman ironman


wolverine spiderman sleeing beauty

iron man, leader, american girl dollriddler, doctor doom superheroes, rapunzel, snow white

superman, belle, spiderman, captain america, ironman

batman, joker, superman

incredible hulk, superman, spiderman, robin

hulk batman ninja turtle superman wolverine

spiderman robin hulk ironman batman

batman superman superheroes spiderman hulk ironman wolverine

So if I ever throw a bash and desire the presence of some protectors of our universe, my evites will be going to the DC gang. Because basically, if my son is already prepping for college via our Batcave Parties, I hope he ends up being the guy like Batman at the kegger, and not the one like Wolverine. Because that dude is kind of a jackleg.

Thanks to Matticus for giving me something to fun to write this week! And for all my Remember the Time Blog Hoppers, I’m taking a break this week, but will be back next Thursday. However, Emily has a hilarious post for you over at her blog.

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  1. This is amazing! I’m glad we’re on the same side LOL!

    • Thank you!!! Can’t wait to read yours…solidarity man! I was so excited for this tug-of-war I even carved out special time later today to read the other posts. And considering what a sucky blog reader I am, that says something!

  2. My Muted Voice

    Holy comic strips Batman! You put a lot of work into this and it was just as awesome as I knew it would be!

    • Thanks!! I’m really happy this prompt got me to finally bring this into being. I’ve seriously been sitting on this idea for probably close to two years.

  3. This is FABULOUS, haha! Clearly DC is the responsible choice! I love-loved the drawn in keg– hilarious!! 🙂

  4. Slander! Captain America is a gentleman. Wolverine, a Romantic. Dr Doom just misses his mommy.
    Go team Marvel!

    • And the battle begins… I will argue that they are all certainly those things when they are sober. They just suck at being drunk 🙂 But seriously, the Dr. Doom comment made me spit out my coffee. And I will admit I really have no strong background to argue for any of these guys. My knowledge is mostly limited to snippets of cartoon DVDs my son watches and our imaginary play together. But I went with my gut on this one. 🙂

  5. I’m excited that I found your blog and loved this one! Currently, my boys are constantly asking me to play Ninjas with them! Hey, it keeps us active, huh?

  6. This is AMAZING! I love this so very much!

  7. Hahaha I think the answer is pretty clear, really! Well done – love it!

  8. Really great stuff! I don’t know one comic book from the next, but I loved anyway.

    • I will be totally honest, I was constantly googling who was Marvel and who was DC the entire time I was doing this to make sure I had everyone on the right side. So I’m kind of a phoney.

  9. Shut up! This is great!!!!!!!!!! (and a LOT of work, my GOSH!) 🙂

  10. DC support officially tallied by the, er, um, official tally taker person.
    Plus, I’m awarding 1,000 extra pulling points to DC for being responsible in the face of keg awesomesauce. While I would still choose Marvel, because fun, I think it is important we reward those who party responsibly.

    • VICTORY!!!! Yes, the Marvel gang does seem like a fun bunch to hang with sometimes (I mean, who doesn’t love to get sloppy drunk every once in a while?), but considering we are talking SUPERHEROES here, I think responsibility is a key factor. Clearly, this is super serious stuff.

      • Agreed. Which is why I brought it to the tug-of-war, um, court? field? warzone? Not sure what to call our little battlefield, but that’s not important. Deciding once and for all who is tops, Marvel or DC, is supremely important.
        *ahem* Go Team Marvel!

      • I guess I have to award DC another 1,000 points for being Freshly Pressed. (Go Team Marvel). I am loathe to do so, but it is out of my hands at this point.
        (Congrats on the FP – this was a truly fantastic post.)
        (Go Team Marvel!!)

        • Thank you so much…for the congrats, the extra points, and the reblog. AND I have to thank you for hosting the tug-of-war in the first place, finally giving me the push to get this thing out of my drafts folder. I have literally been sitting on this idea for probably almost two years.

          • My pleasure!! 😀
            I’ve been counting up the tallies and so far the two sides are pretty evenly matched. I’m going to wait and see if some more people decide to play along based on the FP.

          • I’ll be on the edge of my seat, but I don’t know if I can take the excitement. I just coached what was undoubtedly the most heart-pounding third grade girls basketball game yesterday. Thankfully, we eeked out a win 7-6, and the suspense really did me in 🙂

  11. Hahahahaha! This is fantastic! Dealing smurfberries 😀 I imagine it would be the other way though, except for the Hulk and Iron Man…and Wolverine and…I’m talking myself out of my argument, so I’ll just say Wow! and excellent argument. Excelsior!

  12. I’m going to have to go with Marvel. Mainly because it’s my mother-in-law’s first name. Even though she was named after the bread and not the comics. LOL.

  13. Oh.My.Word. This is amazing. Kels, I think you have a future in comics if the blogging doesn’t work out. I have zero interest in comic books and comic heroes, but if they were all more like this, then I’d be at ComicCon each year dressed to the nines.

    (And BTW, I ended up putting a RTT re-run up this week because of the Daily Post mention. Didn’t want to get caught with my blog around my ankles.)

    • Thank you…but comics are a lot more exhausting than blogging. It took way longer than it should have. My kids forgot who I was for the last few days.

      Thank God you are more responsible about RTT than me, who gets distracted by bright shiny prompts that encourage me to download new photo programs to play with 🙂

  14. Blammo! You know how I feel about action figures in “action” photos, plus I’ve been on a comic kick so this is a double delight!

  15. BWAHAHAHA… this is awesome!

    Christmas 2011, my son got a Batcave set and including a doll in one of your strips reminded my that my daughter decided that the Our Generation doll she got should terrorize Action Figure Batman:

  16. Brilliant work, my fellow nerd!

  17. So funny! Love it!

  18. While I’m on the opposite side of the debate, I can’t deny that this was brilliant.

  19. At last! Reasons a non-comic reading former pro circuit drinker can understand!

  20. Yo! This is amazing! I feel so clueless EVERY. TIME. I see a sleek blog that uses animation like this, and dialogue bubbles… you are my hero today! Fantastic, Kelly!

  21. This is so amazingly awesome!

  22. Reblogged this on The Matticus Kingdom and commented:
    Freshly Pressed madness adding to the raging Tug-of-War battle. If you haven’t read this post yet, click on over and check it out now. It is hilarious. It is logical. It is a great post.

  23. Comic-Con was this weekend in my town. I’m guessing this about sums it up.

  24. Totally awesome. I love it! Glad dj reblogged it for me.

  25. Brilliant! I really loved the photos (comic? Stop-action-comic? What do you call this?).
    And spaghetti at a party sounds pretty cool. Everyone ends up covered in sauce.

  26. This blog post was hilarious! Love the comic-strip style and the action figures! 😀

  27. That’s brilliant! Really enjoyed reading this. great for comic book fans!

  28. So, you know team DC has it in the bag, right?
    Between the extra 1000 points for this incredible post, which I’d heard the FP’d rumor about for days (but I waited for it to show up, so I could show Little Dude),
    And the 1000 points that Little Dude was awarded for being the Youngest Guest Blogger, (he blogged in favor of DC)
    I think we have a winner!!
    So glad to have found this blog! Emily leads me to the best bloggers!

    • That’s what I’m thinking…but Matticus seems to maintain it’s still neck and neck. I don’t know how…I read your son’s post, and it rocked 🙂

      And Emily is good like that. Her blog is a great meeting place! Thanks!

  29. Believe it or not, I just got back from a Super Hero and Princess party where the main attractions were beanbags, ice cream, and library books. I love this post, and your son will too when he gets older!

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  31. Good writing. keep it up.

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  33. That was great! Man, I’ll never be that creative.

    See how I turned the whole thing around and made it about me? That’s MY superpower. It makes my wife nuts.

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  35. Why kryptonite?????

  36. Interesting and happy! All kids are superhero!
    I like this post! nice click@!

  37. so funny hahahahahhahahahahahaha 🙂

  38. Hello, I check your ոew stuff oո а regular
    basis. Your story-telling style іs awesome, keep it

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