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Good Times and Good Guys: I’m So Glad That I Got Them To Think Of

“I’m so glad that I got her to think of.” Ten deceptively simple, monosyllabic words open the song, “She Makes Me Laugh,” the first new single by The Monkees in twenty years. It literally just walked into the internet release … Continued

This Mom Thought About Having a Third Kid. See What Changed Her Mind!

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“Provided the test comes back fine, I’ll plan to see you back here in, let’s see…maybe June.” My OBGYN gave me a little smirk on his way towards the door. “June? You mean next Feb– oh. You’re funny.” It wouldn’t … Continued

The Tragedy of Teaching To Kill A Mockingbird in Middle School

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“Miss Jean Louise, stand up. Your father’s passin’.” As if on cue, eighteen or so sets of preteen eyes would turn and stare at me, sitting behind them at a desk with a small ballpoint tattoo on the bottom left corner. … Continued

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